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``Fashion Never Ends`` is what Opera is about!

Birth in a humble heritage island city of Penang, Opera serves what every lady wishes for…a cupboard full of beautiful, attrative and trendy shoes to stylishly clothe her feet.Our brand epitomes young, trandy, frresh, sophistication, elegance and seductively feminine for working ladies, divas and fashionistas.

She will never cease to be amazed with Opera fashion forward footwear sense with over 100 new designs being introduced at every season. She will be spoilt for choice. Opera’s footwear collections are often hardly repeated thus it’s almost a rare edition for any lady who owns it …making her uniquely special when she wears an Opera.

Our brand name found it’s meaning in the theaters and represents her innate desire to be beautifully dressed…just like, as if, she is going to the Opera.

It represents continual fashion evolution, symbolizing trendy and stylistic quality footwear designs at an affordable pricing for every lady to own not only just a pair but a variety of Opera Collection.

Simply…”Fashion Never Ends” with Opera!

Every pair of Opera Shoe design, be it the trendiest heels for a clubbing queen or even a simple flats for a city chic on her day off, is delicately chosen for it’s individuality, beauty, quality, and in-trend pairing of colours and style to match her dressing sense.

The Opera team travels at least four times yearly around the globe and scouts through scores of fashion magazine just to design and introduce the latest and trendiest ladies footwear in each store.Opera introduces over a 100 pair of new designs at every season and often does’nt repeat itself, just to ensure each pair is unique to every lady and constantly trandsetting for her. She never has to be embarrass to find a similar pair among her friends as each Opera design comes in limited quantities..and she will be enthralled by it.

Even Cinderalla will be amaze!

She Stops at Opera!

Men probaly won’t understand this, for her, buying a pair of shoes is a passionate affair, it’s like men buying gadgets or accessories for their cars! At opera, we truly understand her needs and we go great lengths to bring her the best shoe buying experience every girl dreams of!

Unlike others, our Opera team are fashionably trained to advise and help her find the perfect pair.It’s an experience like Cinderella found her glass shoe. Best of all, she will craved for more!

It’s an experience only at Opera!

not just a word...
it also means:

O – Obligation. A commitment to be No.1 to you always.

P – Performance. Performing the highest level of service is our prority.

E – Efficiency. Efficient in all manners. Quality Speed means Happy Customers.

R – Responsible. We take responsibilty in all we do. Your Trust in us is our Happiness.

A – Action. It speaks louder than words. At Opera we make it possible!